A third important type of intellectual property protection is provided by The International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, known as UPOV. Protection through UPOV is also known as Plant Breeders Rights. Some of the rights provided by UPOV include limiting the use of farm-saved seed and providing rights over harvested material and their direct products.

It is important to remember that plant protection laws vary from country to country. Our firm has extensive experience with plant protection in the U.S. and countries all around the world. Our firm has earned its reputation based on the extensive training and experience, both scientific and legal, of its professional staff.

We strive to obtain for our clients the best protection available through a thorough and creative approach in preparing and prosecuting patent applications, negotiating and drafting license agreements, collaborative research, development and marketing agreements, materials transfer agreements and other types of agreements relating to biotechnology.

What distinguishes us from other law firms is our depth of knowledge in plant science, genetics, and plant research, and our commitment to your business goals.

Our legal and scientific experience, our attention to detail, and the personalized service we offer give our clients confidence in the protection of their intellectual property.

It is the quality of thought, experience and service that we provide which our clients find invaluable to their growth and success.

Our scientific education and industry experience, coupled with the legal education and experience of our attorneys, enables us to develop unique strategies to protect our clients' inventions.

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